Welcome to Exclusive Auto Wrapping®. We are a full service vehicle vinyl wrapping business in the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico. Our company offers our clients an innovative opportunity to personalize their vehicles through a luxurious and professional service. Our main product is the 3M© vinyl wrap, a secured manufactured product that comes in a variety of different colors, such as gloss, matte, fluorescent and chrome colored wraps, among others. The 3M© vinyl wrapping service provides our clients protection to their vehicle’s paint as well as turning them into a racing, luxurious, elegant or simply a UNIQUE vehicle.


All 3M© wraps can be installed to single car parts or fully wrapped. All our products have a 5-year warranty for quality of products and a 1-year installation warranty. They are convenient and reliable products, lasting for years that can be removed whenever you want without damaging or altering your vehicle’s paint. No waxing or any special cleaning required. Other services offered include: protecting your vehicle’s original paint from stones, insects and other sediments while riding your car.


Here at Exclusive Auto Wrapping®, we offer the best quality of service at a reasonable price.


All our employees are well trained by a 3M© certified professional vinyl wrap installer. We stand out for paying attention to details in order to satisfied 100% of our clients. We invite you to visit our facilities for a FREE estimate of a personalized wrapping design. We are sure you will love to transform your vehicle to an EXCLUSIVE one.


be the One, be Exclusive!